About Aesthetics-L

Aesthetics-L is a mailing list for the exchange of ideas and information about aesthetics and philosophy of art. Many kinds of contribution are welcome: discussions of issues in aesthetics, requests for information, calls for papers, conference announcements, job postings, aesthetics news, etc. The list also broadcasts news from the American Society for Aesthetics.

Aesthetics-L is the descendant of the ASA-L, created and maintained by Stan Godlovitch in the mid-1990s on behalf of the American Society for Aesthetics. In September 1995, Dominic McIver Lopes created the Aesthetics list on the majordomo server at Indiana University. Due to the popularity of the list and the consequent traffic on it, the majordomo list was replaced by Aesthetics-L on January 1, 1998. The Society is grateful to Indiana University for continued support in hosting the Aesthetics-L.

To subscribe to Aesthetics-L or to set subscription options, please use the web form at the IU Listserv or consult the user’s guide.